Better Assembly. Better Cost. Better Environment.

Technical weft knitting brings with it many benefits – to your customer, your bottom line, and your earth.

Easy Assembly
Great aesthetics are only half of the equation. Various assembly and attachment aids can be engineered directly into the components to greatly improve quality and labor costs. Such features as drawstrings, velcro-like loops, zippers, and clips, just to name a few, are all part of our repertoire, and can reduce the opportunity for repetitive injuries among assemblers. Part numbers and assembly orientation marks are quite often knitted directly into the components. Company logos can also be incorporated into the part as well. 

No cutting or sewing necessary which means less labor, less machinery and less space on the shop floor.

With zero waste during assembly, technical knitting is a very green way to upholster products. If recyclability is an important feature to you, knit components can be designed to be easily disassembled and replaced with new parts.